AgriTech Ideation Workshop

Are you a motivated entrepreneur and/or an innovator within the agricultural field?

The AgriTech Ideation Workshop is tailored to give life to and develop business ideas with the right DNA in order to develop sustainable businesses which the Kenyan agricultural sector is in desperate need for. 50 entrepreneurs will participate in the workshop, which relies on the interaction from experienced business people, experienced entrepreneurs, agricultural experts as well as academia, community and civil society leaders to provide and share their expertise, inputs and experiences.

The GrowthHub is looking for Kenya’s top entrepreneurs/innovators who are using their ingenuity to create ideas that address the prevailing and persisting challenges in Agriculture. The Ideation Workshop will take place this October and participants will be taken through a variety of activities and be exposed to carefully selected experts that will facilitate a more rapid ideation process and the development of their ideas. During the workshop ideas will be chosen for further development in consolidated teams, who will have to come up with stronger business concepts together with a rapid prototype.

The workshop will culminate on day 3 where the teams will pitch their ideas and show the progress they have made so far to potential investors and partners. Through peer selection the 6 best agricultural business ideas will win the opportunity to continuously work on maturing their ideas at The GrowthHub’s ImpactLab®. A program supported by selected expert mentoring that will help transform these ideas into a prototype.

We are looking for innovators targeting the following verticals:

  • Business ideas that increase income generation for farmers
    • As suppliers to their value chain (out-grower components)
    • As agents/distributors of their products/services
    • As employees (seasonal or part-time)
  • Agro-processing businesses
    • Where value addition locally/regionally is increased/improved
    • Where uptake from local/regional farmers is increased or done at better unit prices
  • Technology innovations
    • That improve farmers access to information, inputs, services and markets
    • That improve farming efficiency and output
  • Improved services and products (farm inputs) for farmers
    • Training & education
    • Financial solutions (credit, insurance, mobile transactions)
    • Improved quality or affordability, e.g. to agronomic
  • Business ideas that improve the logistical infrastructure towards farmers
    • For improved efficiencies in distribution of farm inputs and products
    • For easier uptake by markets of farm outputs
  • Adoption of “modern” farming practices & products
    • Organic products
    • Fair-trade schemes
  • Irrigation technologies & solutions
  • Innovations that improve food security
    • E.g. by encouraging use of new crops or new applications of traditional crops
  • Business ideas that focus on improved nutrition and a healthy food culture

Criteria for Selection;

As an entrepreneur/innovator we would like you to have:

  • An early stage idea within the above area
  • The drive to work intensely on your own or others idea during the 3 day Ideation Workshop
  • The ambition to build a sound product/service and pilot it thereafter
  • The determination to solve the biggest challenges facing Agriculture in Kenya

Application process

Application is CLOSED

OBS: Please be aware that the venue for the 29th October is The Heron Portico and the remain two days the venue is The GrowthHub

Key Dates

Activities Date  Venue
Ideation Workshop October 29 2013

The Heron Portico, Nairobi

Opposite Provincial Police Headquarters,

Milimani Road, Milimani,

Nairobi, Kenya

Ideation Workshop October 30 2013

The GrowthHub, 5th floor, Cape Office Park on the Ring Road opposite the Yaya Center in Kilimani

Ideation Workshop October 31 2013

The GrowthHub, 5th floor, Cape Office Park on the Ring Road opposite the Yaya Center in Kilimani

ImpactLab® November  - December   2013

 The GrowthHub, 5th floor, Cape Office Park on the Ring Road opposite the Yaya Center in Kilimani

The entrepreneurs and their business idea will gain a lot of experience not only from the workshops designed by the facilitators but also from the carefully selected experts and mentors. Benefits

  1. Peer to peer learning, sharing and networking amongst the entrepreneurs themselves, as well as being introduced to the various activities that will be organised by The GrowthHub.
  2. Access to successful entrepreneurs and speakers who will share their own experiences and networks, who will be attending the workshop.
  3. Dedicated support from The GrowthHub team of experts from Kenya, Denmark and US who will continually help you build your product/service and eventually start-up into a business.
  4. Brand awareness that will be as a result of the different community events, press, outreach and PR efforts that The GrowthHub will be pursuing.
  5. 3 days of a lifetime opportunity to actually concentrate and work in an environment with like-minded people building their ventures. Sharing success, frustrations, sleepless nights but also lots of learning and laughter.