Are you running a company/enterprise that is solving the problems /needs in the agriculture value chain in Kenya? Are you solving problems of lack of access to farm inputs, finance, machinery etc.?

We’re recruiting the next batch of entrepreneurs for our Agribusiness Accelerator 2014.


  1. Your core team should be working full time in the company.
  2. You have already launched the product/s or service/s in the market.
  3. You have customers and they are located in Kenya
  4. Got proof of concept and validation
  5. You are generating revenue (amounts do not matter)
  6. You are in need of venture capital and resources to grow and scale your company to the next level of growth.


Companies that increase income generation for farmers

  1. As suppliers to their value chain (out-grower components)
  2. As agents/distributors of their products/services
  3. As employees (seasonal or part-time)

Agro-processing businesses

  1. Where value addition locally/regionally is increased/improved
  2. Where uptake from local/regional farmers is increased or done at better unit prices

Agriculture Tech Start-ups

  1. That improve farmers access to information, inputs, services and markets
  2. That improve farming efficiency and output of crop yields, livestock etc
  3. Improved services and products (farm inputs) for farmers

Training & education

  1. Financial solutions (credit, insurance, mobile transactions) for farmers
  2. Improved quality or affordability, e.g. to agronomic practices, extension services
  3. Agribusinesses that improve the logistical infrastructure towards farmers

For improved efficiencies in distribution of farm inputs and products

  1. For easier uptake by markets of farm outputs
  2. Adoption of “modern” farming practices & products

 Businesses in the Agriculture Value chain that improve food security

  1. Encouraging use of new crops or new applications of traditional crops
  2. Business ideas that focus on improved nutrition and a healthy food culture

 Innovations in Agribusiness

  1. Organic products
  2. Fair-trade schemes
  3. Irrigation technologies & solutions

If you still have questions and need more clarifications still reach out to us on email here:


Activities Start End
Applications Open May 01  2014 May 31 2014
Information Session May 22  2014 (5pm) May 22 2014 (6.30pm)
Information Session May 29 2014 (5pm) May 29 2014 (6.30pm)
Selections and Interviews June 3 2014 June 12 2014
Finalist Selection June 19 2014 June 20 2014
Initial Workshop July 4th 2014 July 5th 2014
Workshop 2 July 18th 2014 July 19th 2014
Workshop 3 August 8th 2014 August 9 th 2014
Workshop 4 August 22nd 2014 August 23rd 2014
Workshop 5 Sept  05th 2014 Sept 06th 2014
Workshop 6 September 19th 2014 September 20th 2014
Workshop 7   October  10th 2014 October 11th 2014
Workshop 8   October 24th 2014 October 25th  2014
VENTURE FAIR November 06th 2014 November 06th 2014


There will be a total of eight 2-day workshops, all of which will fall on a Friday and Saturday to minimize the impact on your day-to-day work. In-between workshops you will be implementing the new knowledge, insights and plans you have acquired and made during the workshop with support from your mentor and the GrowthAfrica facilitator team.


Twice annually, GrowthAfrica arranges a Venture Fair, where investors – local and international – have a chance to interact with our recent graduates and alumni to see if any of these fit their profile. The 2014 end year Venture Fair is scheduled for November 6 2014.

If you fit the above criteria or know of anyone who fits these criteria and would be interested in participating in this programme, please ask them to APPLY HERE and you/they can also contact us on for more information or check the FAQs here.

Please note that you will be unable to send in your application in person and hence you need to ensure that you get access to the Internet. In case of difficulties submitting the application, you may send us an email at the following address:

Useful Link:

Start-ups and entrepreneurs that have graduated from our 5 past programs